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Wonderful Wild Monstera Kits shipped

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Last week we shipped a couple of special orders. They were for our newest pattern and kit the Wild Monstera. At a quilt show, we can only fit so many samples of finished quilts. Sometimes you may want to order it in a special color. Here is a little about what goes on in the studio to make your special order work.Before I start a Hula Hoop project, I make a photo shop version. A Hand dyed Hula Hoop looks like a square with a circle dyed in the middle. Then, I click here and there, after selecting this and that, and I end up with an image of the inside cut of the appliqué and the out side cut of the appliqué. A few more selects and clicks, and I have a pretty good mock up of that the finished quilt will look like. When making Hawaiian style appliqué with Hand dyed Hula Hoops it is important to look for good contrast between the bands of colors. After approving the colors, I take these diagrams into the wet studio and dye the fabric to match the mock up. Then make the quilt or the kit. My mock ups are available as a PDF for you to order custom color kits. This week, we have a "Original Color" kit ship, with the matching lovely Miro #7 thread, and clover scissors for cutting. We also sent a color option #3 kit.

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