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Studio Bingo! A new way to share our studio with our friends far and wide.

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 Studio Bingo - Where the odds are good, but the goods are odd.

A fun way to invite you into my studio via social media complete with prizes, stories, and the occasional quilt.

Most stories are somewhere in the middle, and it is important to make sure that all listening get a quick dose of the past to get them to the present. About the same time I moved into this studio, I traveled to Napa California, for my cousins wedding. It is a lovely little town. We noticed flyers for the local high school football game plastered every shop window. It was quite a big game this weekend, and a fundraiser, and activity we were not familiar with - Bovine Bingo.

Yep. During half time, with a grid on the field, cows are let loose, and the first one to - well you get the point - and the grid it lands in is the winner. Bingo can take many shapes and forms. Today, I am twisting the game around again to suit my needs. I want to share more, but did not know where to start. I needed a gimmick, something to guide me through this process of showing and sharing some of the things we do here.

With a 7000 Sq Foot studio, where we put stuff is a big deal. So I made this map of the studio, and it is a grid, and that grid made me think of that long ago evening in Napa, and that made me think Studio Bingo! Let the grid guide us along the way. Next, figure out how to spread the word. Make that email service and social media work for us! First I have to understand it all a little better, so bear with me, there will be a little making it up as we go along.

First off there, Facebook. I think I have 3 pages, and that is 2 too many. I have a personal page, but that is where I post everything. I have a Japanese page, but do not write in Japanese. And I have a fan page. I am turning my FAN page into my FUN page and will use it for most of this bingo stuff. Also, we just sent everyone an email to announce the whole idea.

And PRIZES!!! What will the prizes be? Who Knows!!! This can go on for a while, I have 70 10 FT X 10 FT grids. Each game will have a prize that come from or is related to the area in the grid. The first grid choose was #D-7. The white fabric cutting table. The email service registers all the entries and the winner is chosen by the computer in 2 weeks from now. Below is some of the info about that area.