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How to have a better contest Studio Bingo #B-4

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If I knew then, what I know now is another form of before and after. Here is what I learned from the first round of studio bingo. It was fun, and I enjoyed hearing from all of you. About 150 people signed up to win the surprise gift. The last gift was $25 Chilli's Gift Certificate, a new rotary cutter blade, and the cool squeeze clamps we use on our cutting table, and the theme was cutting table. 

This time, with a theme of "B-4 = Before and after" the grand prize gift will be: 

2 small packs of "SoftFuse Premium" one in old packaging and one in new packaging.

2 Packs of Shades Textiles hand dyed fabric by Stacy Michell one from the archives and one from the current selection

2 packs of new product (1 Pucker Upper and 1 Grid-It)

1 Chilli's Gift Card so you can tell your friends about, over dinner, it after you win!

Retail value of over $100

If we have MORE people sign up this time, than last time, I will add more to the pot! How is that for a deal!

Can we break 200 this time? What more will I add? That is for After!